10 Tips for a Game Jam.

1. Keep it simple!  When designing a game which should be delivered in only one weekend it is important to start with simple game mechanics and a feasible storyline. 2. Lack of artists? Stick to 2 Dimensions. Often game jams lack of artists. When designing your game it might be helpful to stick to two […]

Global Game Jam Graz 2014


(forwarded from http://spraylight.at/globalgamejamgraz/) Innovation, Experimentation, Collaboration Am letzten Wochenende im Jänner 2014 feiert der Global Game Jam Graz (#GGJG) seine Premiere. Der #GGJG ist Teil der jährlich stattfindenden Global Game Jam, bei der die Teilnehmer versuchen innerhalb von 48 Stunden ein Brett-, Karten oder Computerspiel zu einem vorgegebenen Thema zu designen und zu produzieren. Eine ideale Möglichkeit […]

E-iED 2014 Summit || 1st Call For Special Tracks and Workshops


1st Call For Special Tracks and Workshops 4th European Immersive Education Summit E-iED 2014 Summit 24th – 26th November 2014 Vienna, Austria   The Summit will be organized by and hosted at the University of Applied Science BFI Vienna in conjunction with Graz University of Technology. We are happy to announce the first call of […]


The paper “Science Fiction Prototyping: Flexible Settings in Immersive Environments” presents an in-depth analysis of the importance of innovative Science Fiction Prototyping systems in different sectors with focus on educational aspects and the support of virtual environments. Therefor we investigate the utility of Science Fiction Prototypes in different environments and introduce a design model to implement flexible […]


 Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) is a learning approach designed based on the interactive engagement learning method. It was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and successfully improves the efficiency of teaching freshmen physics. TEAL uses especially designed classrooms, hands-on experiments, and the simulation software TEALsim for three-dimensional visualizations to enhance the conceptual understanding […]