We are currently working on a  graph-based tool to calculate the path-length between two (game) developers ( e.g. the{John|Brenda} Romero number or Carmack number or the Pirker number 😉 ).

Preliminary release date: this summer! 

Based on the social network measure, a new form of social engagement can be created. Similar to the Small World Problem or the Erdos number, the collaboration graph can be used to give information about the collaboration between developers.

In the game jam context: In game jams, the tool can be used to, and engage young developers in game jams setups to collaborate with new jammers, or jammers at different locations. As a gamification tool, jammers could be motivated through their ”degree”, or the path length to another person (e.g. a famous game developer, the ”Carmack number”, ” {John|Brenda} Romero number”) to collaborate with new jammers.

This tool will be also used to get insights into personal “development” connections.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 01.25.19 or  Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 01.20.21