European Youth Award Game Jam 2015 May 29-31 in Graz

EYA is organizing a game jam to gather young creative minds for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating games within a short span of time.

The EYA Game Jam is two and a half days long and will take place in Graz, UNESCO City of Design & Human Rights, from May 29-31. EYA invites people with all kinds of backgrounds (be it programmers, game designers, artists, business students or others who are simply interested in being innovative and creating something new) to participate and enjoy productive collaboration and creativity with others. The EYA game jam themes will focus on social good and also will be aligned with Jam Today’s special topics. Find out what they are in the first hour!

Check out the detailed program here. (May 29-31)

Order your ticket here! (15€)