Inspiring Games

There are not only – similar to movies – *action* games only. There are many different game genres out there, including breathtaking documentary games, interesting puzzle games, beautiful art games. And games are not only about fun. Some games tell us even very sad stories but enable us to understand these from a different point of view. They let us experience stories, let us walk in someone else’s shoes, and make us think by forcing us to make actual decisions. These are powers most traditional media (movies, books) don’t have. Also, games are not only those 60-hour experiences. There are plenty of games out there, which are designed to immerse you for 1-2 hours. For me, in the evening I enjoy reading a book, watching a movie OR playing a good video game for 1-2 hours. All experiences I find equally important and interesting.

Here are a few games, which I  would recommend to maybe get a different perspective on video games:

Indie Games with Strong Messages/Narratives/Educational Value   

Indie Games with a Cultural Aspect:


General Recommendations / Unique Game Mechanics: 

Games from All Around The World: 

The (Living) List

“Typical” Educational Games which were Successful: 

Examples of Benefits of Video Games + Research Studies