New Paper: Evaluating Experiences in different Virtual Reality Setups

This was another contribution for ICEC 2016. An evaluation of different setups experiences with the Oculus Rift vs in a CAVE environment

  • Settgast, V., Pirker, J., Lontschar, S., Maggale, S., & Gütl, C. (2016, September). Evaluating Experiences in Different Virtual Reality Setups. In International Conference on Entertainment Computing (pp. 115-125). Springer International Publishing.

Abstract. This paper describes the evaluation of three different scenarios in the fully immersive room-based virtual environment DAVE (Defi- nitely Affordable Virtual Environment) and a head-mounted display, the Oculus Rift. The evaluation focuses on comparing the two immersive environments and three different scenarios (observation, emotion in a roller coaster, and interaction) in regards to typical virtual-reality characteristics, such as immersion, engagement, but also on cybersickness and the overall experience. First results indicate the DAVE environment better supports scenarios, which require the user to directly interact with the environment. The roller coaster scenario creates stronger immersion and a higher nausea-level, while the interactive task is more engaging in terms of fun.

Keywords: virtual reality, immersion, cybersickness, Oculus Rift, CAVE

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