speaking & events

For speaking or consulting inquiries please contact me jp [AT] gamelabgraz.com


Sep 19, BBB-Kongress, Graz (Talk)

Sep 6-8, Game Dev Days (Organizer)

Aug 26-30 FDG Conference, San Luis Obispo, CA (Programme Chair)

Jul 1-3, Dagstuhl Seminar RealVR, Dagstuhl, Germany

Jun 24 – 28, iLRN Conference, London, UK (Keynote)

Jun 5-7 Pfingstdialog Geist & Gegenwart, Schloss Seggau, Austria

May 30 – Jun 5 Game Days, Trnava, Slovakia (Talk)

May 16 FTF, Klagenfurt, Austria (Talk)

May 10 100 years women at TU Graz, Graz, Austria (Talk)

May 6 Mission Innovation Austria, Stegersbach, Austria (Keynote)

Apr 12th Next Media Conference, Miami

Marc 16-20, GDC, Talk: Tackling Audience Experiences in Games, San Francisco CA

Feb 23 TedXLend, Graz, Austria

Jan 31-Feb Ludicious, Zurich Switzerland


Nov 29 IMH Corporate Learning, Vienna, Austria

Nov 15-17 CGA Belgrade, Serbia

Nov 14, Keynote Zukunft Personal, Austria

Nov 2-3, GameOn Conference, Lithuania

Oct 24 Wir sind Zukunft (SOS Kinderdorf), Austria

Oct 20 Slovenian Games Conference, Maribor, Slo

Oct 18-19 Oesterreich 22, Graz, Austria

Sep 31 – Oct 3 Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, Boston

Sep 6-13 CAFA Talk about VR Games, Beijing, China

Aug 31 – Sep 2 Game Dev Days Graz, Austria

Aug 30 trendIT2018, Burg Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

Jun 25 – 28 iLRN2018, Western Montana, US

May 6-9 Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit Global, Israel

Apr 24 Virtual Reality – Learning in VR, Linz, AT (Talk)

Apr 19 – 21 Reboot Develop, Croatia

Apr 16 “It’s not a game. It’s a game changer.”, TU Graz, AT (Talk)

Mar 19 – 23 GDC, San Francisco, CA

Mar 20 GDC Indie Summit, Indie Soapbox, San Francisco, CA (Talk)

Mar 19 GDC Educators Summit “Interdisciplinary Game Projects: Tech Meets Art, Meets Humanities”, San Francisco, CA (Talk )

Mar 18 ICGJ 2018, San Francisco, CA (Talk)

March 15 Diagonale Graz “Best of VR/MR” Graz, AT (Panel)




Dez 13 Moviel Panel “SPACED OUT!” with Virgil Widrich & Leonhard Lass, Vienna, AT

Nov 18 Game Developers Session “Big Data and Small Data – The Future of Data Analysis in Games”, Prague, CZ

Sep 20-22 Panel with Kate Edwards, Tara Brannigan (Flaresgames) “How to survive in our industry – The state of the games industry” European Games Executives Summit, Spain

Sep 1-3 Game Dev Days Graz 2017, Graz, Austria

Sep 1 VR Panel with Tristan Schulze, Alen Ladavac, Reni Hofmüller, Kris Staber, Robert Glashüttner “The Future of VR” Playful Art, Graz, Austria

Aug 20 “Social Network Analysis 
in Games and Communities” Respawn @ Devcom, Cologne, Germany

Jun 26-29 “Local-based App Presentation” ILRN 2017 Coimbra, Portugal

May 9 Keynote “Games: The Future of Hollywood” at ct-v conference, St. Poelten, Austria

Apr 24 Talk “Designing Games for The World after Playing Games from the World” Quo Vadis Conference, Berlin, Germany

Mar 31 Diagonale Graz (Film Festival), Panel “Vr – Hype or Future“, Graz, AT

Mar 15-16 Talk about Maroon REV 2017 Columbia University, New York

Feb 27-Mar 3 Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA

Feb 26 Talk “Social Network Analysis of the Global Game Jam Network” ICGJ 2017 Github, San Francisco, CA

Jan 19-21, Workshop at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Jan 13, Workshop at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany



Oct 19-21 Grace Hopper Celebration, Houston, TX

Sep 18-23 Heidelberg Laureate Forum, Germany

Aug 27-28 Game Dev Days Graz 2016, Graz, Austria

Aug 15-16 Respawn 2016 “The Art of Games User Research”, Cologne, Germany

Jul 11-13 ACM ITICSE Conference, Arequipa, Peru

Jul 10 Game Jam Junior Working Group Education @ ITICSE, Arequipa, Peru

Jun 27 – Jul 1st – ILRN 2016, Santa Barbara, CA

Apr 22-24 Bar Camp + Game Dev Days!, Graz

Apr 14-16 EYA Game Jam, Graz

Apr 1-2 Button Festival, Graz

Mar 14 – 18 Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA

Mar 13, ICGJ 2016, Berkeley, CA

Mar 10, “Crossing: Virtual Experiences, Games, and Teaching”, SRI International, CA

Feb 14 – 20 GCDH Spring School “3d Modelling & Reconstruction with Blender & Unity 3D”, Göttingen, Germany

Feb 4 Subotron “Know your Player”, Vienna, Austria

Feb 2 UX Meetup “Game Usability and Accessibility”, Graz, Austria

Jan 29 – 31 GGJ 2016, Graz, Austria

Jan 18 – Game Development Graz Opening, Graz, Austria



Dec 13 All Analog X-Mas Jam, Graz, Austria

Dec 7 – 9 Reimagine-Education Award, Philadelphia, PA

Nov 30 – Harvard Ludics Seminar “Crossing: Virtual Experiences, Games, and Teaching”, Cambridge MA

Nov 18 – 20 EYA Festival Graz, Austria

Nov 14 – UX Day Graz 2015 Graz, Austria

Oct 27 KF Uni Graz, ZIMG – Lunchtime Lecture “3D Immersive Digital Humanities – Möglichkeiten im Virtuellen Raum” Graz, Austria

Oct 5-7 CHI Play, London, UK

Sept 15th  MATEL Workshop 2015 (co-located with ECTEL), Toledo, Spain

Jul 13th – Jul 14th iLRN 2015, Prague, Czech Republic

Jun 22 – Jun 25th FDG 2015, Pacific Grove, CA, US

Jun 22 – Jun 25th Workshop on Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation Events, Pacific Grove, CA, U

May 29th – May 31st EYA Game Jam, Graz, Austria

Apr 18th UXCamp 2015, Graz, Austria

Apr 17th – Apr 19th Klagenfurt GJ, Klagenfurt, Austria

Mar 14th – Mar 18th CSCW 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada (grant by ACM-W)

Mar 2-6 – GCDH Spring School “3D Modeling and Reconstruction with Blender & Unity”, Göttingen, Germany

Jan 23rd – 25th GGJ 2015, Graz, Austria



Nov 24th – Nov 26th E-iED 2014, Vienna, Austria

Sept 12th – Sept 15th  JSCONF.EU 2014, Berlin, Germany (grant by Google)

Aug 17-30 – DARIAH International Digital Humanities Summer School, Göttingen, Germany

Jun 23rd – Jun 25th ITiCSE 2014, Uppsala, Sweden

Jun 6th Computer Science Day 2014, Graz, Austria

Mar 5th – Mar 8th SIGCSE 2014, Atlanta, GA, USA (grant by ACM)


Speaker inquiries and consulting: jp [AT] gamelabgraz.com