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Open Wonderland Wednesday – Student Presentations

Today the OWL community meetings were starting over again. Two of our students were talking about their Master’s Thesis:

Lisa Tomes is developing tools to support exploratory collaborative learning settings in the form of scavenger hunts in OWL. This includes (a) an itemise functionality, which provides objects with info texts, (b) an info inventory, (c) a student manager, where the teacher can assign 1-4 roles to students, (d) an item board, which provides students with the gathered information, and (e) a quiz. As a first application scenario, Lisa displays the approach and her tools in a setup to learn about the Egyptian culture.

Patrick Weghofer is also about to finish his Master’s Thesis. He is developing a graphical OWL editor, which can be used to move, rotate, and duplicate objects in the world in a 2D window. He focused in his talk on the architecture and implementation of the tool.

Some impressions:

OWL Community Meeting


OWL Community Meeting

3D Progressive Education Environment for S-BPM

At the 6th International Conference, S-BPM ONE 2014, Eichstätt, Germany, April 22-23, 2014 we presented a Virtual World for progressive education for S-BPM in Open Wonderland.

The chapter can be found here.


The work described in this paper combines our existing work on virtual 3D worlds and progressive education, applying it in order to support tbe education of S-BPM. The application of the approaches results in a demonstrator developed for S-BPM-One 2014 conference. The paper presents the underlying theory and motivation for the demonstrator. An outlook with respect to what is visible in the described e-learning 3D World is given.