Third Annual ICGJ on March 18


from Join us for the 2018 International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation Events (ICGJ), the first — and so far only — academic conference dedicated to game jams and hackathons. The 2018 conference will be held at Github corporate headquarters in San Francisco on March 18, 2018 and is chaired by Dr. Johanna Pirker of Graz […]


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Maroon Maroon (2013-now) is a interactive physics laboratory and experiment environment implemented in Unity3D, designed for active learning in the classroom or at home. It visualizes and simulates various physics experiments (at the moment solely electromagnetic experiments). 2017 GOLC Award for “Best Visualized Experiment” Maroon support three main environments: Maroon Web Maroon MobileVR Maroon VR happy to announce […]


 Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) is a learning approach designed based on the interactive engagement learning method. It was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and successfully improves the efficiency of teaching freshmen physics. TEAL uses especially designed classrooms, hands-on experiments, and the simulation software TEALsim for three-dimensional visualizations to enhance the conceptual understanding […]